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The Best DIY Anti-Aging Regimen is a 7-Step Facial that will Revitalize Your Skin | Belay Always Young Face Serum

The Best DIY Anti-Aging Regimen is a 7-Step Facial that will Revitalize Your Skin

Unfortunately, most Americans do not understand the importance of getting regular facials. In fact, only less than three million people in the U.S. get four or more anti-aging facials every six months. The only way you can fully benefit from anti-aging facials is by having them on a consistent basis, starting in early adulthood. By using top-quality anti-aging products, you can promote healthy skin that will look young and vibrant as you grow older.

Doesn’t this make sense? You have regular appointments with your dentist for teeth cleaning, see your gynecologist and primary care physician at least once a year for checkups, so of course it makes sense to regularly take care of your skin. After all it’s your body’s largest organ!

But, if cost is why you’ve not been able to have regular facials, we have the perfect solution. You can do our 7-step DIY facial at home and reap all the anti-aging benefits that come with monthly treatments.


Long-term Benefits of Regular Anti-Aging Facials

Before discussing the details of anti-aging facials, let’s talk about the science behind the benefits, just in case you need convincing. The following explains why facial treatments are far more than just a pleasant way to relax.


Ensures Fewer Breakouts

Scrubbing your face all the time using way too many products may be counterproductive because it can cause more breakouts. But routine facials actually benefits acne-prone skin. Exfoliating with the right products can ease extractions (best carried out by a trained aesthetician, but you can do this yourself if you’re careful) and help your skin absorb the products.

DIY spot treatments can minimize the appearance of scars, and glycolic peels can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. You might also want to buy an infrared light to minimize the occurrence of breakouts. But in order for the light to be effective, it would need to be used daily.


Improves Circulation

When you have poor blood circulation, your skin can look pale and dull. There is plenty of evidence that shows that massaging the skin enhances vascular function, which improves blood flow and circulation. The result of regular facial massages is a healthy looking, vibrant complexion with a youthful glow.


Revitalizes the Skin

Exfoliation should be done weekly if you want them to be effective, but when you have your monthly DIY facial you might want go even further by trying an exfoliating mask or gentle peel. These can truly revitalize your skin, so that it has a fresh radiant glow.


Massage Detoxifies & Firms

During a good facial massage, the lymphatic system is stimulated, which brings about lymphatic drainage, removing impurities. The result is a brighter appearance around the eyes, and firmer, tighter skin. For effective lymphatic drainage, the massage technique must be done properly, so if you’re doing this yourself make sure you learn how. Go to YouTube and watch videos of professionals performing this technique and then practice on yourself.


Helps Product Absorption

Daily facial treatments at home can certainly maintain your look, but you really need a thorough deep cleaning on a monthly basis to ensure effective product absorption.

Following this regimen will help you maintain healthy, vibrant skin through improved hydration. Good product absorption will result in a smoother skin tone, a clearer calmer complexion, and smaller pores, all of which can contribute to a more vibrant, revitalized, and youthful appearance.

Improving the absorption of skincare products is essential to an effective anti-aging regimen.


DIY At-Home Anti-Aging Facial

Because people are different it’s important that you understand that there is no one-size-fits-all anti-aging regimen. It’s up to you to select the appropriate natural skincare products for your type of skin, making sure they contain the most effective anti-aging ingredients. The list should include coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, peptides, plant extracts, retinol, tea, and vitamin C.


Prepare Everything in Advance

Make sure that you have everything prepared before starting, so that you can relax without worrying if you’ve forgotten anything. Get all your products set out ahead of time, fill a bowl with warm tap water, adding a little essential oil.

This way your facial will seem more like a spa-like treatment, especially when you use a small sponge to  remove excess skincare products. You can also prepare a batch of hot washcloths and towels. Once you’ve wet the washcloths, add a little essential oil, roll each one up and secure in Ziplock baggies to keep them warm. Dim the lights, light some candles, and turn on some soft music for a little ambiance.


7-Step At Home DIY Facial Treatment


  1. Thoroughly Clean Your Face

Professional aestheticians do this by double cleansing. Start out by gently massaging the cleanser into your skin, allowing yourself two minutes for each pass. Using a warm washcloth, remove the cleanser.

Before moving onto Step 2, make sure your skin is completely clean. This is the only way you’ll get the full benefit of your anti-aging facial.


  1. Exfoliate Your Skin

An anti-aging facial involves more than what you do during your daily skincare routine. This is when you might want to exfoliate the dead skin cells using an at-home peel, perhaps containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids rather than a grainy exfoliant, but first make sure your skin can tolerate these acids.

Hydroxy acids are stronger than typical peels and exfoliate the skin to a deeper level, which means you need to first do a patch test if you haven’t tried this before.


  1. Steam Your Face

Very few people have a professional steamer at home, but it’s easy enough to create your own steam bath. However, if you’ve chosen to do a peel instead of a scrub, this step should be done as part of the masking process, as the heat from steaming your face will sensitize the skin.

If you have overly sensitive facial skin or visible capillaries, this may be one it would be best to skip. Otherwise, boil a small pot of water on the stove, adding a little essential oil. Drape a towel over your head and lean over the pot, so that the steam comes up to your face. Breathe deeply and relax.


  1. Gentle Extractions

Not everyone requires this step, but should it be necessary it is important that you do it carefully. Do not use an extracting tool as they can easily cause scarring in the hands of an untrained unprofessional.

Scarring can also result if an extraction is forced, so please be careful. Steaming helps open the pores, which makes it easier to extract whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples that are ready for popping. But if you see deep, reddish, inflamed breakouts, leave them alone because trying to pop them may spread bacteria, which will exacerbate the problem.

Cover your index fingers with fresh clean tissues, cotton squares, or gauze to keep everything sanitary. Scoop and roll your fingers when tackling each blemish. The roll is important as that’s what will bring it to the surface.

A whitehead will pop, and the compacted dirt in a blackhead should easily rise to the surface. Do not struggle with the extraction because if nothing is coming out, it’s just not ready. Wipe an antiseptic toner over the area right away to keep the bacteria from spreading, and then leave it alone.


  1. Massage Your Face

Have a little fun with this step by giving your face a traditional finger massage, along with a lymphatic drainage if you know how this is done. After that, you can follow up with a gua sha stone or jade roller.

If you know the proper techniques, these types of massages can tighten and firm your appearance, and rejuvenate your skin, so that it looks more vibrant around your eyes. Once finished, you’ll notice that the dullness has disappeared, leaving you with a glowing face.

It will certainly be worth your time to learn these facial massage techniques, so view a tutorial video or read some articles explaining how these are done. There’s plenty of information on the internet, and especially YouTube, so get busy searching for the appropriate instructions.


  1. Apply a Mask

The purpose of a good facial mask is to remove impurities, reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, hydrate the skin, banish dullness, smooth the skin tone, make skin look more radiant, balance the skin inside and out, and much more.

Select the appropriate formulation for your type of skin and depending on that, either steam your face now, or spend 15-20 minutes laying down with the mask on. A cold compress should be placed over your eyes. When the time is up, use a warm washcloth to gently remove the mask.


  1. Tone, Treat & Moisturize

Use a gentle toner, then apply a natural treatment like an eye gel, cream, serum, and/or spot treatment where necessary before moisturizing.

The perfect time for a facial is before bedtime. This way your skin can rest while you sleep, reaping the full benefits of the facial.

Don’t forget that consistently following an anti-aging facial regimen at home is the key to maintaining healthy, youthful looking, skin.

The Best DIY Anti-Aging Regimen is a 7-Step Facial that will Revitalize Your Skin | Belay Always Young Face SerumThe Best DIY Anti-Aging Regimen is a 7-Step Facial that will Revitalize Your Skin | Belay Always Young Face SerumThe Best DIY Anti-Aging Regimen is a 7-Step Facial that will Revitalize Your Skin | Belay Always Young Face Serum

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