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5 Reasons Why You Should Add an Anti-aging Serum to Your Skincare Routine | Belay Always Young Face Serum

5 Reasons Why You Should Add an Anti-aging Serum to Your Skincare Routine

You cannot stop the natural aging process. It is an unavoidable part of life, and your skin is the first to show the signs of aging. Sagging skin, fine lines, and crow’s feet ruin your self-confidence. Even if you eat healthily and go for regular exercise, you still need to follow a solid anti-aging skincare routine. You probably think a skincare routine includes a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. But, no, it is more than that to fight off the embarrassing signs of aging. An anti-aging serum has a gold standard in skincare because of its effectiveness. Here are 5 reasons why you should add up an anti-aging serum to your skincare routine.

  1. Great Penetration Power

Facial serums are primarily light in weight and highly concentrated in essential active ingredients. In addition, they have super-fast-absorbing properties due to their smaller molecules. As a result, they penetrate deeper skin layers and deliver antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, or whatever your facial serum includes.

  1. Fights Oxidative Stress

Your skin gets exposed to environmental pollution, dirt, makeup, and several other toxins daily. They all bring the free radicals that are unstable molecules. In trying to get stabled, they damage your skin. Only antioxidants can help fight this oxidative stress. Many antioxidants are available in anti-aging serums like vitamin A, C, and E. In addition, many natural ingredients or plant extracts are abundant in antioxidants. So choose your anti-aging serum wisely, knowing they have plenty of free-radical fighters.

  1. Concentrated Dose of Nutrients

Facial serums are free from filler ingredients. Instead, they have a high concentration of nutrients that go to deeper layers of skin and nourish each cell. As a result, it improves cell turnover, replaces old and damaged cells with new and healthy cells, and promotes collagen synthesis.

The collagen and elastin protein are responsible for young and healthy skin. However, their level falls with age. Environmental stressors also play a role in collagen and elastin depletion. Therefore, an anti-aging serum can serve as a great solution in promoting a youthful complexion.

  1. Highly Moisturizing

Anti-aging serums are highly moisturizing. The dry skin is more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. The dehydration makes them more prominent. The thick moisturizers or heavy creams form a barrier on the surface. It is great to lock the moisture. But when it comes to hydrating the deeper layers, only a serum can work. Due to its weightless feel and smaller molecules, it delivers nutrients at a deeper level. Applying an anti-aging serum before a moisturizer is very effective in moisturizing skin deeply, locking it, and preventing moisture loss.

  1. Targets Age Spots and Scars

Anti-aging Serums are not only good for fading wrinkles and fine lines, but they are great in accelerating healthy cell production, fading the age spots, and giving you a plumper, radiant, and younger-looking complexion.

How to Choose a Right Anti-aging Serum for Your Skin?

You have got to know that anti-aging serum is a worthy addition to your skincare routine, but now the question arises in your mind, how to choose an effective and safe anti-aging serum. The answer is simple. Choose a formula that is rich in natural ingredients and free from chemicals. The synthetic ingredients sometimes cause skin allergies and are not safe for the environment. Prefer a product that is FDA approved, and GMP certified.

Belay™ offers you always young serum that is made with all-natural ingredients. Read on to know what is unique in it.

  • Lactobionic Acid- is a potent anti-aging ingredient, protects your skin against free radicals, and is very safe for your skin. It does not cause skin irritation and rash. In addition, the humectant properties of Lactobionic Acid smoothen the skin texture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate- is basically Hyaluronic Acid. It diffuses into the deeper layers of skin and pulls the moisture from the environment and the dermis to keep the surface plumped. It acts as a water reservoir and regulates the moisture content. Sodium Hyaluronate strengthens the skin barrier provides structure and volume to the skin.
  • Growth Factors- are the peptides and proteins naturally found in our skin—natural aging, sun exposure, and environmental pollution decrease the level of growth factors in our body. As a result, it causes dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. Always Young Serum by Belay™ contains growth factors that increase the production of collagen and elastin protein promote cell turnover to support youthful and glowing skin.
  • Zhenxuan 7 Planting Essence- is packed with the goodness of plant extracts. It contains a higher concentration of vitamins and essential nutrients. They go deep into your skin, fade aging signs, tighten pores, and give a youthful glow.

Safe For All Skin Types

The most important characteristic of a good quality anti-aging serum is the safeness of its ingredients. The natural extracts are safe to use for all skin types, including sensitive skin. In addition, they are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Always young serum by Belay™ is FDA approved and GMO-certified. It is 100% safe formula with allergens or irritants.

The Bottom Line

Anti-aging serum is a wonderful addition to your skincare routine. It effectively targets the aging signs. So, whether your skin is oily, dry, combination, sensitive or normal, always young serum by Belay™ is there for you. Don’t wait for wrinkles and fine lines to become more profound and clear. You can start using it from your 20s to prevent premature aging signs.

Incorporating an anti-aging serum into morning and evening skincare routines does not only help you to have a youthful appearance but fades age spots, pigmentation, acne scars and gives a healthy glow. So go on and give your skin the love that it truly deserves!

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